Tieland to Thailand

Quit Your Job – Sell Your Stuff – Travel Abroad

..."We spent last year selling everything and paying off thousands in consumer debt, planning our wedding, and ultimately figuring a way out of the daily nine to five. Twelve months later here we are living a truly free and location-independent lifestyle, currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand"...

The Battle Against Thailand’s Bugs

The Battle Against Thailands BugsChris hates spiders. I hate cockroaches. So before we moved to Thailand, we never believed that one day we would actually live in harmony with these creatures. Not go into a kung fu frenzy at the sight of one, you say? Since having our fair share of surprise encounters with them over the past two years, we’ve learned how to handle Thailand’s bugs and other creepy crawlies without getting too freaked out!

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A Day in the Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A Day in the Life in Chiang Mai, ThailandWe’re a couple who shares our experiences about living and traveling in Thailand and helps others learn how to do the same through our blog. So, you’d probably guess that we’re often asked, “What do you do during a typical day?” Our daily schedule has flip-flopped around a lot since moving here, so before it changes again, here’s a look at a day in the life in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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