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..."We spent last year selling everything and paying off thousands in consumer debt, planning our wedding, and ultimately figuring a way out of the daily nine to five. Twelve months later here we are living a truly free and location-independent lifestyle, currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand"...

What Things Are Not Cheap in Thailand?

What Things Are Not Cheap in Thailand

We love that Thailand is among the world’s most affordable countries to travel and live in, and it certainly allows us to live comfortably on much less than we did back home. Even though all things are not cheap in Thailand, many people are lead to believe this (as we once were) and saying so is both inaccurate and deceptive. Here’s a look at Thailand’s more expensive side.

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Cheap Eats at Chiang Mai Gate Food Stalls

Chiang Mai Gate Food StallsIf you’re in Chiang Mai, you might find yourself at the Chiang Mai Gate food stalls situated on the south side of the Old City’s square moat. It’s a pretty popular spot to dine at by both visitors and expats and is often recommended as a “thing to do” on online reviews. Here’s our own recommendations, which include a tour of our favorite vendors and a week’s worth of dinners spliced together all for less than 100 baht ($3 USD!) per meal.

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5 Things We’re Glad We Did Before Moving to Thailand

5 Things We're Glad We Did Before Moving to ThailandA decision as big as moving to another country involves a good bit of groundwork to make sure things run smoothly. So before moving to Thailand whether during a gap year, for a sabbatical or retirement, or simply because you want to start a new life abroad, here are five things we’re glad we did in preparation for our move (and think you should do, too).

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