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Quit Your Job – Sell Your Stuff – Travel Abroad

..."We spent last year selling everything and paying off thousands in consumer debt, planning our wedding, and ultimately figuring a way out of the daily nine to five. Twelve months later here we are living a truly free and location-independent lifestyle, currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand"...

Songkran Expectations Versus Reality

Songkran Expectation vs Reality

Songkran is one of Thailand’s most popular and coolest festivals. It’s up there along with the Running of the Bulls in Spain and the Holi Festival of Colors in India. And while it attracts millions of people from around the world, there are a few things you should know – a little Songkran expectations versus reality, per se – before going to the world’s biggest water fight.

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Exploring Thailand’s Countryside with Campervan Thai

Exploring Thailand's Countryside with Campervan Thai

We’ve been on just about every imaginable form of transportation in Thailand including airplane, bus, van, train, water taxi, longtail boat, tuk tuk, bicycle, and motorbike. But one thing we’ve completely overlooked was traveling Thailand in a campervan! For all of those travelers who find RVing nostalgic, you’ll be happy learn about Thailand’s first campervan company, Campervan Thai.

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Krabi Rock and Fire International Contest

Krabi Rock and Fire International ContestKrabi doesn’t just have amazing beaches. It has amazing beaches  with towering picturesque limestone cliffs that make it among the world’s best and biggest rock climbing destinations. And actually, if you find yourself in Krabi in mid April, it’s a perfect opportunity to watch or even join the Krabi Rock and Fire International Contest.

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